If you’re on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,

chances are you’ll know the #TBT is internet speak for Throw Back Thursday.

When someone posts an old photo or whatever with the #TBT hashtag.

How good were the 90s?

Even the 80s

remember classics like Montell Jordan’s “this is how we do it” 

They don’t make em like that anymore.

But all these throwbacks and flashbacks kinda reminds me of the flashbacks we sometimes have

– about what we used to look like

– how we used to feel

– how things were better back then

Seeing that photo of yourself rocking that sexy pair of skinny jeans.

Or that beachfront shot in Hawaii with Mai Tai in hand thinking ‘wow that used to be me’.

Some things just don’t have to be stored away as flashbacks or throw backs on a Thursday and nothing more.

You can still do something about it.

Yes, sure they might have all been back in the before kids days.

But that doesn’t mean you have to pack it in and say “oh well, that was as good as it gets”.

If you’d love some help on getting back to those days,

so your #TBT’s can become the reality in the near future,

I’d love to have you come along for that one vacant position I have for the Wednesday morning Lilyfield group? (that was previously waiting list only)

We’re also there Monday, Tuesday and Fridays too,

but if you want in on Wednesdays,

now is the chance before that one vacancy fills again and it goes back to waiting list only.

Maybe you can’t make it, but you know someone who might be interested?

Just mention the DPM VIP offer to them to help get their interest over the line (you’ll both benefit)

more info here including how they can have their first 2 weeks on the house to check it out



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