Well, we made it! 

The offical start of spring is today and we got through the cold and dark winter mornings.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a great time of year spring.

The days slowly start getting longer, and of course the temperature gets a nice little bump up and it makes our early morning group sessions even more inviting.

It’s always easier to get out of bed and resist the temptation of hitting snooze when you know it won’t be only a couple of degrees outside.

Not to mention that you don’t need a couple of layers on just to leave the house.

And on that point, congratulations to the DPMers who stuck solid over winter and continued to turn up day in and day out.

Well done to you and the work that you put in over the last 3 months.

If you are a little disappointed that you didn’t get there as often as you would have liked, remember that it is what it is.

You can’t undo that.

BUT what you can do is focus on what’s next.

I get it’s not as easy in winter.

It gets easier now.

So make the commitment to resist the snooze button for the next 3 weeks.

Get a few sessions back to back under your belt.

Then come the end of the month it’ll be the new normal.

Snooze won’t be an option.

You’ll just get up on auto pilot.

How about it?

You up for that challenge?

Reply back if you are and I’ll make a note to keep you accountable with that.


PS – and if you know someone who may need a bit of extra accountability as well, why not get them along with you? It’s always easier to get started in a group if you know someone.

And as I mentioned yesterday, when they join after their 2 weeks free I’ll mark a date in my diary to contact you in 6 months time to hook up your $200 free dinner gift voucher.

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