I could say something corny about can you believe it’s Christmas Eve already but you know, that line gets trotted out all the time.

So today I want to give you something to think about so you don’t spend the next 2 weeks having the same conversation in your head over and over again on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

There’s a couple of ways you can approach this time of year and it’s fair to say that at some point or another I’ve done them all.

* OPTION 1: go to town and eat and drink to your hearts content. Put your feet up and enjoy yourself.

* OPTION 2: Have a little balance. Enjoy some food. Enjoy some drink. Enjoy some workouts with the extra time you’ll have with your time off.

* OPTION 3: Continue to be good, exercise and stick to your cheat meal quota.

Truth be told, I’ve spent the most part of the last few years doing option 1. 

As a result I put on an average 3-5kg+ over the Christmas season every year.

That’s what happens when you eat what you want and enjoy a few drinks every day.

This year I plan to be a little different.

I’ve worked to get rid of the extra kilos over the last 2 months that I didn’t want sticking around.

In fact, the other day I found my weight from the start of January last year, and compared to when I jumped on the scales just over a week ago, I was 7kg down.

So I won’t be going all out again.

I definitely won’t be going option 3 either cause that’s just boring in my view.

Go for it if that’s you.

But I know for me, I’ll eat a little more and drink a little more than I otherwise would.

The difference this year is I’ll add in a few workouts too to help keep me in relative check.

Limiting the damage so to speak.

Years gone by I used to stop the workouts to give my body a break.

Last year I still walked most days, but I know that I need more than that when I’m upping my food and drink intake.

To make sure my body still got a break, I took last week off the regular workouts.
The older I get, the more I need to listen to my body. And for me, that means every couple of months giving my joints a break from the regular workouts.

I’ve had too many niggles from overdoing it previously so I have to be smart now.

Back to those three options.

Whichever one is yours, go for it.

I’m not going to judge you.

It’s been a long year for most of us, so do what you will.

Like I said, I’ve been one of those at different stages of my life.

So have a great Christmas with your family.

Enjoy yourself.

And whichever option you choose, I’ll be around as of Jan 7 to deal with it.

With me aiming for option 2 this year, it’ll be easy to deal with the kg or two that will come on with the extra stuff.

Way better than 5kg or more like in other years.


PS – If things do get out of hand in the next few weeks for you, I’ll be running another 8 week transformation contest starting either late Jan or after school goes back.

Let me know if you’d be in for that.