Something for you to think about right now, rather than the usual doom and gloom.

Cause all you have to do is turn on the news for that.

I read this thought the other day and thought you might get something out of it too especially if you’re looking for some positive motivation right now.

“In times of crisis, everyone can have their own leadership moment, regardless of their title.”

Kinda cool when you think about it.

Instead of waiting to be led by the PM or whoever, we can make our own choices for how we respond to this.

Sure, I can’t wait for this whole thing to be over so we can get back to stuff that we all took for granted – sitting at a cafe and enjoying a meal.

Watching sport.

Just doing the monotonous week in week out routine even seems exciting right about now.

But rather than panic about how bad things are getting – cause after all, I don’t want my kids to feed off that panic.

We need to be calm for them.

They’ll respond how we respond.

So I’m choosing to step up and do what I have to do.

You can take that leadership role anyway you see fit too.

I’ve got plans for when things get worse to keep people moving by going 100% online.

It’s not ideal but it’s something and still gives people a much needed outlet and social contact even if it is remotely.

And who knows, looking at the positive, it may even lead to another avenue for people to experience DPM long after this is over.

Maybe all the workouts will be live streamed at the same time so if you’re travelling or you’ve moved or your work situation no longer allows you to join in person, there may be an option to keep you involved still after all.

Who knows.

With every crisis there’s always something that we can take out of it.

That’s my attitude for now anyways.

How’s yours looking?


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