There’s something pretty cool that I like about our DPM small group training sessions,

and I’ll be blunt with what that is.

We don’t have any 20 somethings (Millennials or Generation Z whatever you want to call them) amongst us!

In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that its been a long time since we’ve had that crowd.


They just don’t fit as well as us more ‘seasoned’ generations, for want of a nicer word than older!

DPM is suited for the 40 plus age (not to say we don’t have some mid 30’s and onwards)

and you can even say we’ve got a few who’ve celebrated a 50 over the last few years.

and you know what the beauty of that is?

Apart from the music selection not sounding like your CD skipped cause it’s so repetitive, 

but it means you’re training with people just like you.

They get where you’re at.

You can actually have a conversation with them that doesn’t involve how drunk they got on Friday night.

(Ours are more based around how drunk we got back in 1996 on $1 drinks – not always though just to clarify!)

But you get the point. 

You’re training with a group of like minded, similar age bracket, who are at the same stage of life as you’re at – be that with kids or work or whatever.

The cool thing is there’s some research that has emerged from the Health Psychology journal earlier this year that shows that people get the best results when they train in a group environment with people around their own age.

Not necessarily of the same sex. Just the same age bracket.

It makes sense right?

You’re hardly going to have much in common with the 20 something who is at a totally different stage of their life.

We both have different struggles that they’ll never understand – yet. 

I know I didn’t get what people our age go through now when I was their age. It makes me better at my job as a result.

And this working out with people of the same age bracket continues to be even more appropriate the older that we get. And none of us are getting any younger.

Which means in a few years time, there’s a very high likelihood that DPM will be specialising in a senior style workout as all of us continue to advance!

It makes for interesting food for thought don’t you think?

And also reassurance that you’re in the right place!