Here’s another thing to blame your phone for.

It’s making you gain weight.

If it’s not enough that these damned things are making you contactable 100% of the time, a new study says that smartphones are to blame for weight gain as well.

I kinda wonder what it would be like to live in a world like we used to – where you go home and that was it for work.

Email wasn’t a thing.

The internet wasn’t a thing.

Or you had to rely on that old dodgy dialup that took a few goes to connect.

Once work was done it was done.

But in saying that, I’d miss the convenience of having it.

I’d miss being able to get instant sport updates and not having to wait for the news to find out what was going on.

I’d miss being able to have a bet on a game I’m watching.

And I’d definitely miss being able to watch a game live when I was out somewhere else without a tv.

So I think I’ll deal with the consequences for now.

Anyways, back to the story.

The study from Rice University in the States found that those who have a higher frequent media multitasking tendency (which means scrolling through your emails or instagram while half watching a tv show) had higher BMI’s and a higher percentage of body fat.

I could be in trouble then considering that pretty much every night I’m doing that exact same thing.

The tv is on and I’m flicking through one app or another.

Anyways, before you throw your smartphone against the wall and swear off it forever, 

it’s worth noting that this is one small study but I think it’s handy in once again pointing out the damages that too much phone time can do.

Especially with the kids.

I need to be more conscious of that usage around them.

It’s not a good thing when your 1 year old brings your phone over to you every time she sees it lying around on the coffee table.

So take that info for what it’s worth. Nothing too serious for now, but handy to be aware of.

Enjoy your weekend.

I’ll have a new podcast episode dropping this afternoon for you to check out.


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