Normally I like to send you something a bit light hearted for a Friday.

Not today.

This message is a bit ‘politically incorrect’.

Not in a racist way or any of that type of nonsense.

But I read an article last week, from a very reputable source – and not in the mainstream media – but from a doctor who is very well regarded and the headline got my attention on Twitter.

“Vegetarians Twice As Likely To Be Depressed”

That’ll go down well in some cafes in Newtown won’t it?

Anyways the reasonings, to cut a long story short were:

Vegetarians were nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression as meat eaters, even after adjusting for variables like job status, family history and number of children

Vegetarians tend to have lower intakes of omega-3 fats, vitamin B12 and folate, which could affect depression risk

The association may also be related to higher blood levels of phytoestrogens, particularly among those who eat a lot of soy, or even pesticides, a consequence of consuming a lot of nonorganic produce

Very interesting don’t you think?

It makes sense cause they tend to eat more soy which has plenty of side effects that have been noted over the years.

And the lower omega 3 thing is interesting too.

Cause that’s not the first time I’ve seen low levels of that linked to depression.

Yes, I understand it’s a controversial topic, and if you are a vegetarian you might be offended by it.

But it’s worth the thought.

And a bit of controversy doesn’t hurt right?

It got my attention.

If you want to see the article for yourself I’ve linked it here

What do you make of it?


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