Yeah nah, don’t think we’ll be running this.

As its only assured to attract the weirdos.

Seeing how it is a Friday and seeing as how half the country is taking a sickie today I thought I’d give you a light hearted laugh.

But it did make me shake my head.

An article on my facebook feed caught my eye yesterday.

How a trainer in the UK has started naked workouts.

‘The main benefit of exercising naked is that you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercises”.

Yes, I bet you can see everything they are doing…

Now, I’m no prude by any means but really?

Some excises I don’t think you want everyone to know exactly everything that is going on.

True, you don’t have to wash your sweaty workout clothes,

and it does give new life to the look good naked thing,

but I think the Poms can have that.

We won’t be running that any time soon here at DPM.

Save the show for your partner.

So, if you have a friend in mind who is interested in checking out this Dinner on Me thing, 

you can reassure them they won’t have to lose their kit to join us.

Sure, they may look better in their kit in a few short months, but they can have their modesty during our sessions.

Just make sure they’re registered before Jan 31.

We can organise their week on the house for Feb but just register them before Tuesday.

Thanks for spreading the word!

(your friend will not only thank you for the free dinner down the track,

they’ll thank you for helping them finally look better naked)

DPM – where clothing isn’t optional.


PS -That deadline to get your dinner voucher locked in is Tuesday – Jan 31st

More details here


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