Thought I’d follow on my message from yesterday about acting on any regrets you may have when it comes to your current fitness level.

Like I said yesterday, if you’re going great, then that’s absolutely perfect.

Especially when some people can drop the ball a little bit over winter when it’s darker and colder.

The good news there though is cause the winter solstice was the other day, technically the days are getting longer (albeit slowly). So it will slowly be getting lighter in the mornings for your early morning workout.

But if you do need a bit of extra motivation and accountability, then I have a potential solution:

I have a 8:30am and 10am time slot available on Thursday mornings if you want to get some 1-on-1 personal training happening.

There’s 2 options here.

I can either come to you in person – providing you’re close to the CBD/Inner West/Lower North Shore.

Or we can do a zoom session where I can show you what you have to do via the camera and I can also see how you’re going form wise etc and provide any coaching cues etc when you have your camera on.

Both can add a nice little bit of extra action to your current training regime, or give you that kick start if you have found it hard to get going and have slowed down or stopped what you were previously doing.

Interested? Or know someone who may be? Then hit reply and we can have a no obligation chat to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

I don’t do the hard sell. We’re either a good fit or not, and that’s usually easy to work out from a quick phone call whether we gel or not.

No hard feelings if we don’t, but if we do, like I said yesterday, today is going to be the easiest it’s ever going to be to make a change and get things happening.

Cause the longer it gets put off, the harder it gets.

Chat soon if you think this is exactly what you need.


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