Did you catch that video that went viral this week about the hero in the gym that dislocated his knee?

If you missed it I put the link in the PS – but as a warning – don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.

There’s no blood and guts but it isn’t pretty.

Anyways, I’ll fill you in.

Old mate was the typical gym hero.

You know stack the kilos on and try to impress everyone type of guy?

Well this bloke went too heavy for his leg presses.

Overloaded and his knee just buckled under the load.

There you go.

So yeah, I can assure you that won’t happen at one of our DPM sessions!

Mainly cause we don’t do that leg press machine.

But more-so because I’m not going to load you up with a weight that you can’t do.

Just to try and look good.

Most of the stuff we do anyways is with your own bodyweight or a resistance tube.

When we use kettlebells every now and then it’s done smart.

Not to impress whoever may be watching.

But so it’s effective for you.

And if you want to join in on some DPM small group morning sessions,

but our timetable just never worked for you,

there is a new option I’m thinking of adding to the timetable.

– Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:15am-7:45am

Venue: Observatory Hill

Starting next Wednesday if there’s enough interest.

Yes, you can combine it with the already on Tues/Thurs sessions but I need concrete numbers to work out whether it’s viable.

Hit reply now and let me know what days if you are cause I can only make this work if people want it.

And thanks for spreading the word to your friends who may be interested.


PS – that video? don’t watch it if you’ve got a weak stomach! If you’re cool with it click here


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