You can almost set your watch to this.

Every single Easter, there’s a bunch of articles around everywhere

– from print media to tv breakfast shows and everything in between,

saying something along the lines of ‘how to eat chocolate the healthy way at Easter’.

Give me a break.

It’s Easter.

Eat the bloody chocolate!

Don’t beat yourself up over it.

Enjoy it.

After all, just like Christmas and everything that goes with that,

it’s hardly a regular occurrence.

So do what you gotta do.

Enjoy your chocolates that you got yesterday.

Pinch a few of the kids stash if you have to – all in the name of minimising the damage they’re doing of course…

I know I’ll be doing that with Emilys stash.

Just stop with all this healthy way to do this and that holiday.

Enjoy the moment.

Now, you may well be sitting there going “it’s all right for you to say that”

because you’re going to benefit from me over indulging.

But here’s the truth.

I’m just as guilty of going over the top as you are.

In fact, about 6 years ago or so, I physically made myself sick from eating too much.

I got one of those big Lindt dark chocolate bunnies.

Not the little ones, the big ones.

And couldn’t stop myself from polishing it all off.

Yep, made me sick.

But hey, you live and learn.

So I can go over the top too.

And as for the “you’ll benefit” line?

Sure, you may be set back a smidgin in the short term cause of a blow out,

but in a week or two of being back on track you’ll be sweet.

And better for the experience cause you didn’t deprive yourself.

Make sense?

Anyways, should you need a bit of extra direction,

I’ve got two vacancies for a short term 6 week personal training ‘Tune Up’.

Best still, you don’t have to pay in a once off lump sum.

You can budget for this and split the payments equally every fortnight.

Perfect if that’s how your pay cycle works. 

We can do either one or two sessions a week

(depending on our diaries aligning)

but it might just be the perfect thing to get you back into a routine now the weather isn’t as hot and Easter is out of the way.

If you’re interested, hit reply and let me know.


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