Something interesting came across my Linked In timeline the other day.

An article that actually written back in January, but since then it’s got over 15K shares and over 91K likes.

So needless to say, the message must be on point.

What was it?

An article putting forward the argument that it’s time to start paying employees to exercise.

What do you think?

Makes total sense for mine.

Sure, I have a vested interest in the topic,

but lets take out my self interest,

and lets look at it from two points of view:

1) A workplace where an employee is encouraged to get outside and exercise, 

instead of being chained to a desk like a slave,

is a lot more likely to want to stay,

and to be a lot happier in that work place.

I’d even argue, and there’s plenty of research to back this up,

they’re a hell of a lot more productive even though their technically spending less time at a desk.

2) The healthier a worker is, the less likely they are to take sickies.

Whether they be legit sick days or days where they just can’t be arsed and decide to ‘phone it in’.

What’s your 2 cents?

Can you can get away with that now or is it just a pipe dream?

If you are interested in getting out at lunch, I’ve got one lunch group on the timetable.

Wednesdays 11:30-12pm at Dawes Point.

We combine a bit of boxing and a bit of circuit action to get your heart rate up and back at your desk within the hour.


The first 2 weeks are on me if you want to check it out and get back into a good routine now that Spring is offically on us.

Any questions on time etc or to activate your 2 weeks test drive on the house, just hit reply and let me know.



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