Remember way back in the day (early 90’s) there used to be a show on tele called Sliders?

Think it was on after Baywatch…

Anyways, it was about a bloke that happened to randomly ‘slide’ from one world go the next from episode to episode. 

Some worlds were the exact opposite of the way our world is and some worlds were great, some were messed up. 

Like the world where red traffic lights meant go and green meant stop etc. 

By the way, I think some clowns think that’s how the lights work now anyways. Maybe they’re ‘sliding’…

Anyways, that show randomly popped into my head when thinking about those ‘make healthy the new normal’ ads that get a run every now and then.

Kinda cool way to get people to look at what they’re doing and to get them to change their ways I thought.
And it got my mind thinking of what if we ‘slid’ into the world where healthy was normal. 

Imagine if this was our reality:

– junk food taxes to incentivise people to buy veggies and grass fed animals cause it’ll be cheaper by comparison 

– your company making exercise time for you compulsory cause they’re smart enough to realise that a healthy and happy employee takes less sick days and is more productive 

– health insurance companies actually reward those who are active with cheaper premiums cause they realise we cost less to subsidise than unhealthy overweight smokers 

– governments would ban big companies like Coke and Nestle etc from funding and influencing so-called impartial health organisations (like Nutrition Australia) with their hidden agendas 

– no kids getting type 2 diabetes cause of obesity before they even finish primary school

– but best of all, there’d be no-one dropping off their perch from a lifestyle related heart attack way before their time

Or maybe I just watched too much TV as a kid and that’s just pie in the sky stuff… 

Have you seen those commercials?

Do you think something like my pipe dream could work?

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