Best email I’ve had in a long time came through last week.

To be honest it was perfect timing cause I was dealing with a couple of things that were a complete punish last week.

Nothing earth shatteringly bad.

But enough to make me want to bang my head against the wall a few times.

And it sure helped to hear something good.

Anyways it was a simple email that did the trick,

from DPMer, and busy mum, Rebecca, who’s been following our game plan since June last year.

And I’ve got permission to share it with you today.


Just wanted to say thank you! I’m finally at a stage where I am LOVING my body. Only realised this this morning.

The healthy eating, exercise and being kind to myself has paid off.

I now have a stomach that I am proud of with very slight ab definition (still want more) and some cheeky little “guns”. No more bingo bats.

So much more energy and strength.

Pretty damn awesome right?

The interesting thing is I’ve never actually seen Rebecca in person for a session.

It’s all been done online.

Interested in what the DPM online action plan can do for you?

I’m down to 1 position available to join me for the DPM Online Body Transformation program.

This is the same type of game plan that Rebecca followed – all without having to make a DPM session in person.

What are you waiting for?

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Well done Rebecca.

You’ve worked your arse off (literally!) and deserve to be where you are now.

Enjoy the rewards.


PS – despite being running DPM since 2005 I never tire of hearing this. It just shows what we do works.

You’ve just got to follow the game plan as its laid out!


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