When you think of problems facing Africa as a continent, 

one of the first things that springs to my mind at least is conflict and the second one being famines. Maybe even throw in stuff like HIV that used to be an issue in some parts there.

What about you?

Well, there’s something new that’s becoming an ever increasing issue that may be surprising to some.

They’re part of the ever-growing obesity epidemic statistics too.

According to an article I read from Bloomberg last week, South Africa came last on a list of G20 countries on the Global Wellness Index rating.

That basically means that they score poorly on life expectancy, alcohol use, depression and diabetes. 

And other African countries were heading down the same path.

The cause?

Unsurprisingly, an over-reliance on the traditional Western diet. Too many processed carbs, oils and sugars.

Once again, going away from their traditional diets.

And the same problems we’re all facing.

The solution?

Once again, I’ll use the Japanese as an example. You may recall last week how I mentioned the Okinawans and their secret to a long life?

Well, this Bloomberg article points out how the Japanese are ahead of the game of dealing with an ever increasing ageing population.

They are reportedly leading the way with their approach – prevention, early detection and immediate intervention.

Not exactly rocket science.

But something the rest of the world is dropping the ball on.

And once again showing the Japanese are ahead of the game, much like they used to be considered in the technological world not too long ago.

For my two cents, we as a society have to take a more proactive approach to this:

Prevention: being active and doing something productive – whether that be like what we do at DPM, or by getting outside and walking or joining a sport.

Early Detection: Enough funding to encourage people to get screened or checked. Maybe a check up at every milestone birthday – 30,40,50,60 etc that’s 100% funded by medicare. If you score a positive result you get a health fund discount on your ever increasing premiums.

Immediate Intervention: Encourage people to do something if they missed the prevention boat. Provide health fund rebates for people who can prove they train regularly in a gym or with a personal trainer or are active members of a sporting team.

That along with treating the obvious health problem that springs up will only help with long term survival prospects, but also reducing the burden on the health system.

That alone could fund my milestone check ups theory.

The key is to do something.

Cause something has to change worldwide otherwise we’re all screwed.

What do you think?

Maybe i’m way off here, or maybe I shoulda put my hat in the ring to run in the election on the weekend. Either way, I’d like to know what you think.


PS – don’t forget to let me know your movements for the Easter/Anzac Day period – whether you’re going to be going away or will still be around for training. I’ll make a decision in the next week what we’re going to be doing based on majority numbers.

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