You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a late April Fools joke,

but no, just a further sign that the world’s gone mad.

Did you hear the story yesterday about the bloke that sued his company cause he was bored?

True story.

You can’t make that up can you?

This French bloke is suing for the equivalent of $541,000

because he was bored cause his job had changed.


You can tell he’s not an Aussie though right?

Cause the principle of getting paid for doing nothing would fit right in here…

Surely he can’t win this case?

I don’t have to be a lawyer to know that common sense should have it laughed out of court.

But this story is just typical of someone who wants to blame someone else for their problems.

Rather than owning up and putting the onus on them to change.

Not happy with the job?

Do something about it champ.

Or is that just the obvious thing to do?

Same goes for if you know someone who might be unhappy with where there at now with the way they feel about themselves.

– They might be a bit down that they don’t have the energy they used to?

– They might mention to you how they can no longer fit into their favourite pair of jeans that they refuse to throw away?

– They might even tell you that they would just love to have some time to themselves again outside of running around at work and chasing the kids around?

Either way, if you know someone who needs some help in getting back on track and losing those stubborn kilos then you can benefit from sending them my way.

Remember until the month of May, I’m rewarding any DPMer, or any non DPMer who sends someone my way with some free DPM gear.

They don’t have to join for you to get the clobber.

Just point them in the right direction and I’ll take of the rest.

Got someone in mind?

Send them here and I’ll drop em a line to welcome them along

Either way, we’ve all got to take responsibility for where we’re at sometime or another.

I can help someone who wants to change and get back on track.


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