I realise that me sharing some research is kinda ironic after my post the other day, but as is the thing with most things in life, it’s always the minority (in the case of dodgy research) that gives the majority a bad name.

However this one is pretty relevant, and also a bit concerning.

A new German study that I read yesterday that compared the data from 14 countries during lockdowns last year found that peoples exercise levels actually dropped.

The concerning thing is that was at a time when they needed it more than ever.

One thing I heard repeatedly last year when I had to switch the group sessions to zoom was that it gave them an outlet.

Yes they were on another bloody zoom call, but at least this one they were active.

And got the endorphin boost, as well as the obvious exercise benefits out of the regular workouts.

So this study found that people were 40% less active worldwide last year.

Obviously gyms and the like were closed, but there were plenty of other options to keep moving which a lot of people must’ve put in the too hard basket even though it would’ve helped them out massively.

I know when we were at home for our 7 weeks or however long it was that my wife and I prioritised getting out for a walk for an hour a day each.

It was my favourite part of the day cause it got me outside into fresh air and away from that locked in feeling at home.

The report states (which you can find here if you’re interested) that this is the ‘pandemic within the pandemic’ and it’s pretty spot on.

It’s not surprising that a lot of people suffered mentally and physically as a result of decreased activity.

And this goes with what I think about the constant lockdowns in Melbourne especially – the long term effects on peoples health, especially mental health, and even more so especially with kids, will last long after the virus has become insignificant.

Not to mention the effects for small businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t joined Pete Evans army of keyboard warriors and I’m not playing down the significance of the virus, just I think the long term effects on the majority are being overlooked or at the least downplayed.

I think our state has a much more measured approach here thankfully without constantly locking everyone away.

But enough of my 2 cents for today before I sound like a talkback radio host.

I’m just concerned that we’re in for a world of hurt down the track, to not only peoples health, but also the cost and strain on the health systems around the world when these effects kick in and people need attention.

However we can’t change all that.

All we can focus on is what we can do.

And that’s to keep moving.

Be active.

Encourage others to do the same.

And enjoy the benefits that it all gives us – even that simple walk outside for 30 mins or an hour.
Have a good weekend (and get outside!)



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