Wastage in general is a pretty topical thing at the moment – what with the big Coles and Woolies rort of charging you for plastic bags now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for reducing the wastage and pollution that these bags bring,

but when the stuff they are charging for is basically thicker plastic and going to take a lot longer to break down it hardly seems like it’s for environmental reasons.

AND not to mention that they are still happy to charge for every other bit of plastic bag in their aisles which, call me suspicious,

but I’m sure those sales would have gone up when people used to recycle plastic bags for bin liners and the like now need to buy them.

Also not forgetting about all the fresh fruit covered in a bunch of plastic too.

It all seems like a cash grab for mine and it would have been better PR if they just handed out a bunch of hessian bags for the first week of the month to every shopper.

But maybe I’m just an old conspiracy theorist thinking it’s all about increased revenue…

Enough of that though.

There is an invention however I’ve come across that would be a real winner for reducing waste if it ever takes off.

I can’t take credit for it but this one is regarding food waste which I’m sure is as big a topic in your house as it is in mine with a 4 year old who loves something one day, not so much the next.

I came across a story how a company had invented labels that become all bubbled and raised and start to break down when a food starts to go off and the temperature inside the carton changes.

This was aimed for dairy products but who’s to say it couldn’t be applied to other foods that need to be kept in the fridge as well?

It means that you would no longer have to just throw something out once it’s past its used by date.

Of course the sniff test will come up trumps but this can’t help wouldn’t you agree?

And if it could become mainstream and take off for most refrigerated products I think we could be better off as a society in the long term.

Who says technology is always a bad thing?

What’s your take?


PS – the one thing I can take credit for, my upcoming book, is coming together really well. I’ve had some interest already asking for more details which is awesome so stay tuned.

I’ll be revealing it all in the coming weeks…

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to get this off the ground.

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