Some very interesting research came my way last week when I read something that mentioned that depression symptoms can possibly be alleviated in as little as three weeks just by improving your diet.

The thing that makes this interesting is that anti-depressants can take six weeks to start to kick in according to the experts.

Which makes this finding very interesting thought yeah?

If you want to see that paper for yourself, click here

The study was done on young adults which is another interesting point.

Cause I know speaking from experience, it’s the age where you tend to let your diet go.

You eat more fast foods because you can and you have choice over what you eat for the first time.

You also binge drink. A lot.

And that combo combined now with social media which obviously wasn’t around in our day, isn’t going to end well for a lot of people.

So the end result = eat more fruits and vegetables, protein etc.

The interesting additions were cinnamon and turmeric because of their neurological benefit. 

Not a bad take home point if you have young adults at home – especially with the HSC around the corner.

Even though young adults were the targets of this study, I have no reason not to believe this doesn’t work for people of our vintage as well.

Common sense tells us we feel better when we eat better.

So take this research as your friendly reminder to keep on top of your food game too especially if you’re prone to some depression symptoms.

Of course you also know that another great thing to help you get on top of the black dog is exercise.

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