Apologies in advance for the dad joke in the headline. You’ll find out why soon…

But did you see the news last week about the worlds oldest bread that was discovered last week?

It’s proof that our ancestors were actually carb lovers too!

Despite the long held thought that they ate a paleo diet.

And now you’re probably seeing my dodgy dad joke reference of this news going against the grain.

I’ll see myself out.

Back to the facts, this bread was found during a dig on an ancient site in Jordan and the bread substance was estimated to be 14,400 years old!

I guess future generations in another 14 thousand years will find an old Maccas burger that still hasn’t degraded and wondered what on earth those crazy cats from the late 1900’s/2000’s ate.

Apparently it was found in the remains of an ancient fireplace and was thought to be a flat bread, although the remains were obviously all charred after being cooked all those years ago.

The funny thing is the researchers found that the flour was thought to be ground to a similar consistency to what we do now to make our breads.

And only a few thousand years earlier than bread was first thought to exist.

The cool thing though, is even back then, they knew how good toasted bread tasted. If only they knew what melted cheese on that toasted bread would have been like. They would’ve approved for sure.

I don’t know about you, but all these types of stories from all those years ago are fascinating.

Especially when it relates to something like food.

So I guess it changes the narrative a bit for the paleo thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on paleo.

In fact, out of all the types of food things, that’s one of the most sane and rational arguments I’ve come across.

Especially if you are suffering from any number of health concerns.

It is going to help you massively there.

But for the everyday person, who just wants to lose a few stubborn kilos, it isn’t the only approach.

Yes, it’ll work. Very well.

And yes, I’ve used a modified paleo approach in the past.

In fact, you could probably even validly argue that we still use a loose paleo basis these days.

We just have a few more carb days planned in.

Just like it seems these ancient Jordanians (or whatever they were called back then) did.

I find that’s a more sustainable way to get people to stick to the game plan long term.

But find something that works for you.

And if you’re struggling, I know the DPM plan works for most because of how simple and easy to implement it is.

Why not give it a go yourself?

If you’re interested, hit reply and let me know and we can hook you up with 2 weeks free to test drive it for yourself at any of our small group sessions.


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