As I hinted on Friday,

I’ve got something I want to give you.

And this opportunity doesn’t come along every day.

Basically, I want to give you complete access to the DPM system for FREE for a full 4 weeks.

Better still, you don’t have to attend any sessions in person.

This is like the old DPM 4 Week Transformations I’ve done in the past.

However this time it’s a little different.

You can do it for free.

I am putting a book together

(well a 4 book series to be honest, but let’s start with the first)

And i want to use you as a success story to feature.

Basically to show others exactly like you that the DPM system works!

As a result, I am looking for 10 stories to share

What do you get?

(apart from some pretty cool results?!)

* The results producing DPM eating plan

* The complete 4 week follow along at home workout program (complete with video demonstrations)

* Access to a facebook group where you can ask your questions and utilise the support of the rest of the group to help you succeed and get through the tough days 

* The DPM Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook that’ll help you get a great tasting meal (that even the kids will love) done and served within 20 minutes

* Most importantly the accountability and support from me to help make this a success for you

Now, I get that you may be worried about having your photos and story in print, but here’s the deal:

I’ll only be sharing your first name and your story in the book (basically you sharing at the end of the 4 weeks what you got out of it, how you feel etc).

The photos will be shared on the website but with your head cropped.

You will have to place a $97 deposit down to ensure your compliance with the program.

You’ll get it back when you complete the 4 weeks.

Sound like something that would be the perfect fit for you?

Click the link here and answer the questions to confirm your eligibility 

Like I said, I’m only accepting 10 people on this and you get your money back,

basically giving you a complete transformation for free.

It doesn’t get more simple than that.

And I’ll even accept blokes to show it works for them as well as busy mums too.

So if you have been thinking after a big Easter that you should really do something, now it’s time to put the words into action.


PS = got any questions? Hit reply and let me know.

When do we start? ASAP as soon as you’re accepted you’ll be given all the stuff to get your head around.

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