By now you’ve no doubt realised that I’m a bit of a Seinfeld show.

You can always find a reference from a Seinfeld episode and compare it to modern life.

Even if that show was filmed 20 odd years ago

(that alone is a scary number when you realise that!)

I even mentioned as much the other week if you caught that.

And here’s another example:

Jason Alexander (who played George of course) tweeted this the other day

First they stole my password, “Bosco”, and now this! Serenity Now!!!

And he included a link to an article that mentioned how you now never have to leave the office again,

all because a company has invented a desk that has a complete full length bed underneath it.

Yep, straight out of that classic episode where George gets the carpenter into his office at the Yankees to set up a bed – complete with bookshelf and alarm clock.

Hence the bomb squat being involved to defuse the ‘ticking sound’ that was coming from Georges desk.

Ahh classic episode!

In fact  you could probably say the only other character on a tv show that is better than George for mine are Ari Gold and Drama from Entourage.

The funny thing actually is this desk is old news according to the date on the article – it’s 2 years old.

But, I can see all the big CEO’s rubbing their hands with glee about this news if it ever takes off.

Don’t you?

I mean, “what excuse do they have now not to work a thousand hours a day when they can just sleep under their desk”.

Or maybe the forces could be used for good.

For a good ole Nanna Nap, or siesta like the Spanish like.

I bet that’d increase productivity right?

You know what else can increase your productivity?

Getting along to our DPM small group sessions.

They are short, but highly effective and the perfect way to either kick off your day or break it up with a lunch time hit out – especially if the old “Costanza desk/bed combo” would be frowned on by your boss!

And I’ll even shout you 2 weeks as a test drive to check it out for yourself and see that it’s everything I believe it is (and more!)

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