Will it be scary?

Do you know what actually happens at our DPM small group sessions? 

(or as some call them boot camp)

I sometimes forget that most people don’t. 

And to be honest, they’re definitely not like a traditional boot camp. 

So to clear up any confusion, here’s a few things you won’t see:

* Some goose prancing around in camo pants yelling out instructions

* Being stuck training when it’s pouring down rain – we move to an undercover location 

* Being thrown to the wolfs on your first session and be forced to keep up with everyone else

* A place where everyone takes themselves too seriously. 

(I’m just as likely to be the brunt of a joke as anyone)

* Being made to wear a uniform and getting sent for laps or burpees if you forget

Cause I know that you may be intimidated about coming along.

And scared about what you may be put through.

Especially if you’ve been burned in the past by an experience like that.

I also realise that just getting out of bed and getting along first thing in the morning is big enough of an effort sometimes.

The one thing I want you to remember,

or those who you may be mentioning our sessions to who express some interest,

is that it’s a bit different to a traditional ‘bootcamp’.

But I guess that’s why I’m still going 12 years later.

And not done and dusted and gone back to a ‘real job’ after 18 months like most trainers.

The best way to explain it potentially, is to say it’s the exact opposite of every other ‘bootcamp’ that you may know of.

I don’t yell.

I take into account your previous injuries and give you alternatives instead of stuff that is only going to aggravate the injuries you do have.

You start slow and build from there.

Cause I’d rather you do your first session, and say that was easy.

That way we know you can do a little bit more the next time.

Rather than me prove how tough I am by flogging you and you not being able to get out of bed the next day.

Make sense?

And as you read the other day, there’s no burpees either!

So that’s another win.

Especially if someone is expecting the worst based on past experiences.

And to those who don’t agree with that?

They’d be a terrible fit.

They can go to Crossfit.

They definitely wouldn’t fit in with DPM.

I’d rather make your DPM experiences something you want to come back to,

and something you want to tell your friends about.

In fact, all you really need to do is bring some water and show up. 

I’ll even give you a training mat if you don’t have one of those. 

If that sounds good, I’m taking a waiting list for when we start back on Saturday January 6, so get in and place your name on that before all spots are taken

(Our Wednesday Lilyfield group is already waiting list only)

If you’re after more info, or know someone who is, just hit reply 


PS – The big take home point, as Kasey from our Lilyfield group has mentioned “no burpees, just results”.

That sums it up.

But if this is going to be your first training experience with someone like me, 

don’t be nervous as we’re going to ease you in – not flog you until you vomit like the traditional boot camp. 

Cause I know that as much as we’d like to kid ourselves, none of us are 21 anymore!


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