Time to share another research finding that I found recently, this time involving water and it’s correlation to obesity.

Now take this for what you will, as the study was done on mice, but it does sound interesting and worth looking into to see if it applies to us too.

According to researchers at the University of Colorado, they found that drinking more water can suppress a hormone that leads to obesity.

So by suppressing that hormone, you are reducing your risk of obesity – as well as other conditions too.

“Through their experiments, the researchers were also able to show how water therapy could protect against a range of metabolic conditions, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high triglyceride levels, which are linked to outcomes such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes”. 
Kinda simple isn’t it?

Drink more water, and get healthier as a result.

Not exactly ground breaking in a way, but it’s nice to know why it’s good.

So if it works on mice, the thinking is it’ll apply to us too.

Hopefully this message is a timely reminder for you to have a look at your water bottle, take a drink and keep it going throughout the day.


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