Think back to when you were a kid for a minute.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Not like when you were 3 and wanted to be a princess or whatever.

But when you were in primary school or high school.

Old enough to know that you couldn’t exactly be a princess unless your name was Mary and you met a drunk prince during a night on the wineos during the Olympics?

Me, I wanted to be a writer and used to write stories all the time.
I even remember back in year 6 writing a letter to my favourite author – Colin Thiele (the bloke who wrote Storm Boy and other kids stories) – and he wrote back!

Imagine that.

As a 11 year old kid getting a letter back from a ‘famous person’.

Well, to be honest I also wanted to be a footy star too. Like most kids.

I was pretty adamant that I’d be playing for Parra.

That didn’t exactly work out.

But it’s funny how that writing thing turned out to be this everyday.

Not exactly what I envisioned but it’s something I guess.

What did you want to be?

Now fast forward back to reality now and see whether that happened or not.

For most of us, and especially with me being a famous writer or a footy star, 

that obviously didn’t happen.

But the interesting question for you today is would you give up everything you have now career wise,

if you were given a shot to make that dream a reality?

Most of us wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t to be honest.

Cause of the risk involved.

The unknown.

Especially when you have a family.

But some things are worth the risk.

Some things are worth the change.

Whether that be starting a new exercise routine, 

or by adding in some variety to your current one.

Or by taking some different advice when it comes to a food plan to follow.

Whatever it is, most resist because it will make them feel uncomfortable at the start.

Without thinking about how it will make them feel at the end.

Of course, this is no where near as scary as a whole new career direction.

You don’t have to jump in at the deep end here.

You start slowly and progress slowly as you are ready for it.

And guess who can help with that new routine thing?

Me of course.

So if you  or someone who you know can benefit from what I offer at DPM,

this week is the last week I’ll be taking new clients this year

– so you can still get some benefit out of a final 4 week blast leading into Christmas.

Thanks for spreading the word to anyone who may be keen (and who wants to beat the increase that I mentioned yesterday that’s coming in January).


PS – Of course, they and even you can have 2 weeks on the house to check us out before having to make a decision.

But for now, more info on our timetable is below or hit reply and ask if you have a question 



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