You know the drill.

Every time you open a magazine or turn on the tv there’s someone preaching the newest ‘miracle’ way to lose weight without really trying.

You know this long lost secret herb that was discovered in some lost Peruvian pigmy tribe that means you’ll have endless energy and lose endless kilos.

Same goes for those preaching that they’re magic shake or pill will do what nothing else has done.

Or the ones who insist if you don’t follow the ‘secret’ that only they know you’ll never ever lose those extra kilos that stop you getting your favourite pair of jeans further up your legs than your knees.

But they’re all wrong.

You see, winning at this who weight loss puzzle is in fact very, very simple.

You’ve just got to follow the instructions

Just like those damned flat pack things from IKEA (God I hate that store)

The instructions work. I’ve proven it over and over again.

And they are indeed very simple no matter what your story is.

But here’s where most people go wrong:

Once something is simple excuses are no longer relevant.

So they make the whole thing more complicated then it has to be.

They change things.

Obsess over the smallest details making it more complicated

(truth be told that’s when they normally start saying ‘But so and so said this about that’)

So how do you get out of this ‘complicated’ valley of despair we can dig ourselves into from time to time?

It comes down to the level of commitment you’re prepared to put in.

Will you do what you said you would do?

Valid question isn’t it?

Maybe you know someone who this might apply to.

Or maybe you’ve got someone in mind who would fit with what we do at DPM.

If you’re nodding your head now saying YES then I’m here to help.

I appreciate you forwarding them this email and getting them to click here:

And like I mentioned yesterday, I’ll hook you up with some cool DPM workout freebies just for getting them along (1 friend is a singlet, 2 friends is a t-shirt and 3 friends is a hoodie)

Thanks for spreading the word!



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