How many times have you used the “They say” line when making a point about something.

I know I do it all the time.

“They say that (whatever point you want to prove here)”

and it instantly gives your point more credibility.

Surely it’s just not me?

Anyways, they say (as that the old saying goes)

“it takes 21 days to build a new habit”

And for what it’s worth, it 100% rings true.

You can’t expect to master something new straight away.

I mean, if you’re trying to change something that you’ve been doing for a while now

you’re not exactly just going to stop overnight and give it up for good.

Unless you’ve got 100% willpower.

Which pretty much none of us do.

I know I struggle at times.

So how can you get on top of something new?

Of course there’s a couple of ways.

The first being getting the support from the right people being absolutely essential.

You know, the last thing you need when you’re trying to do something positive for yourself is some ‘negative nancy’ dragging you down telling you that you can’t do it.

Some use that as motivation.

Most of us mere mortals get that head talk instead our heads and it does us no good.

So the positive support is a thing.

So is doing something each day to get you to that direction.

And that’s why our DPM Re-Set is 28 days.

21 days to get the initial platforms right and get that habit,

or habits if you’re feeling adventurous,

all locked and loaded.

And an extra 7 days to make sure that we’re still on track.

Giving you the confidence to keep going on what you’ve already established.

Let me help you out with a way to get that positive support network – no matter where you are.

The DPM 28 Day Re-Set will show you how that is all possible to achieve.

All by following a simple mission each day.

The group support that you’ll receive via our online private Facebook group is the key to getting you on top of whatever you want to achieve.

– whether that be to drop a few kilos in time for the warmer weather

– maybe you want to establish a better sleeping pattern

– maybe you just want to feel de-stressed and find a way to unwind that brain that never seems to shut off.

Whatever it is, lets work on it together.

An extra bonus of this Re-Set program is at the end of the 28 days I’ll give you a PDF of each of the 28 daily missions so that you can remind yourself of what you have to do daily whenever you start to drift.

Best thing is, all of this is yours for less than $100.

Click the link below and lock in your spot (i’m only taking 10 people)

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

See you on the other side…


PS- any questions about the program and whether it’d be appropriate for YOU? Hit reply and ask away. 

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set


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