There was something that I mentioned at the start of the whole lockdown thing that I thought would be a big toll long term.

And this time I’m not talking about the mental health cost.

I’ve already gone into detail on that side of things and how that will be around long after the virus has become a distant memory.

This time I’m actually talking about the damage that working from home is going to be doing to your body.

The big winners of this whole working from home thing will be physios and chiros.

Cause when you think about it, for so long work places have been pretty vigilant about making sure everyone has the correct desk set up and environment in the work place.

It obviously saves them from a big workers comp claim down the track.

But what about now?

Are all bets off now people are working from home?

Cause chances are high that your set up at home might not be ideal compared to your office.

Which is okay every now and then.

But for 5 months and counting, with no end in sight?

Hardly ideal.

And something I saw the other day backed this up.

It mentioned how lawyers are now recommending companies with staff working remotely on a permanent basis should be considering the potential for workplace injury claims.

I’ve heard of companies sending people to your house to assess your situation and something like this might be the new norm.

In the meantime, there’s a couple of things that I do recommend:

– regular breaks, getting up from your computer and walking around as much as you can

– if you can do a zoom call without needing to be mic on and adding to the conversation, you can always do a walk at the same time

– or alternatively, turn the camera off and hit the floor and do some foam rolling and stretching

It all comes down to breaking up your time seated.

And hopefully saving yourself from a visit to the physio or chiro down the track.


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