Let me set the scene.

You wake up one morning and decide that today is the day you’re finally going to get started on something you’ve always wanted to do – lose those stubborn kilos that keep on getting you down.

You tried to get those favourite pair of jeans over your thighs and they were stuck.

Like they got shrunk in the wash.

Don’t worry I get it.

I’ve had that moment too.

But you decide to get started and find someone to put your trust in.

Someone who will help you get on track.

You go to google and there’s literally hundreds of options.

You don’t know where to start.

You click on a few pages.

Nothing grabs your attention.

Or you go with a bigger business that you’ve briefly heard of before, 

and get sent to the group that has the rookie trainer in there that isn’t long out of high school.

You’re not sure whether you want to trust the ‘work experience kid’ with your body.

And that’s fair enough too.

I get that.

Especially when they’re 20 something and don’t have a couple of kids running around to deal with.

Or a job that demands far more of your time than you get paid for.

And a hubby who deserves some time too.

etc etc etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, 

I realise that everyone has to start somewhere.

Just like I did coming up on 18 years ago when I started working in a hotel gym.

Back then you didn’t even need to be certified officially. 

I got the job on the back of my Health Science degree,

under the understanding that I was going to be enrolling in my certificate 3 in fitness.

And you definitely didn’t need a cert 4 to be a personal trainer back then.

So you can say I’ve been around for a while!

But I can understand that you may be a bit shy in putting your trust in someone who doesn’t get you, or your situation.

That’s exactly why I still have a business 12.5 years in.

Because I get you.

And equally importantly, I get results with the people who trust in me.

So when it comes to looking for someone you can trust,

you can ask around for a great recommendation from a friend who has had a good experience themselves,

and that recommendation just might be me and DPM.

If it’s not, that’s cool too. Find someone that works for you and your situation.

But think about who would you trust with your body.

The work experience kid might turn out to be great,

and might even be great now for a younger client base in their 20’s.

But I know I’d rather trust in a professional who’s been doing it since before they started high school and someone who gets where you’re currently at now.

And as always, I appreciate you spreading the DPM word to them and encouraging them to check me out.


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