When you think about trilogies, there’s four that immediately come to mind for me:

1) Star Wars

2) The Godfather

3) Back To The Future 

4) Parramatta winning the grand final in 81, 82 and 83 (sure I may have been too young to actually remember those at the time, but as a fan whose had the majority of the last 32 years of incompetence you have to take what you can get!)

Sure there’s more.

Actually I can think of a couple of NBA ones now, but I don’t want to put you to sleep.

There’s another trilogy that’s also important.

Call it the Weight Loss Triangle if you will.

But if you really want to lose those stubborn kilos you have to cross off these three parts

1) The right type of workout – you need to be doing exercises that are hitting multiple body parts at once. That way you don’t need hours of exercise each week with time you don’t have

The benefit of these workouts is that apart from just doing bodyweight exercises, you’ll also be incorporating some type of interval training.

This will maximise your fat burning capacity.

2) You need to be crossing off the food part of the triangle 

Obviously, you can’t be doing your workouts but eating whatever you want.

People comment that when they start focusing on this a little bit more, even just making some small adjustments, that things start to work for them.

That’s not a coincidence.

3) The final part is the most neglected part for most people – and always the hardest – Sleep.

Obviously, this is harder when you have little kids that need constant attention throughout the night.

But the more you get the better.

Your body can recover and repair.

As well as burn those calories that you want to lose.

All of this sounds kinda obvious when you read it like this, but the beauty of this whole weight loss puzzle is that it isn’t exactly rocket science.

We all know what to do.

Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra encouragement or support to make it happen.

Those doing our Transformation Contest right now are experiencing this exact triangle in action.

And not surprisingly, it’s working for them.