Now, I could go on and give you some dribble today about how to survive Easter without having to stuff your face with chocolate eggs and the like.

But hey, if you knew I’d give you the same vanilla garbage that most other trainers would at this time, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.

On the money?

So here’s the deal.

It’s Easter.

Do what you want.

Eat hot cross buns if that’s your thing.

Eat chocolate eggs to your hearts content if that’s your thing.

Cause it’s a time to be with the family.

Enjoy it with them.

And possibly take one for the team and steal your kids stash,

if you know what I mean,

so your kids don’t stuff their faces stupid.

Then once the weekend is out of the way, you know what to do.

Get back on the saddle.

Get back on the 3 Day Detox game plan.

Start tracking things again.

Start turning up and doing the workouts you said you would do.


So back to this wall thing.

No I’m not going to go on about tearing down a Mexican wall or whatever.

More-so to let you know that as of next Tuesday, the LIlyfield small group training session will be open to busy mums like you all the time.

So the Tuesday and Fridays won’t be fellas only.

That used to be the rule,

but due to demand I’ve changed it.

It’s also a smart business decision to be honest.

But I get that busy mums like you need more flexibility with when you can and can’t attend.

So it’s on.

If this changes the game for you and now makes it feasible for you to join us, let me know.

We train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Obviously not tomorrow or Monday for the Easter break.

Time: 5:40-6:40am

Venue: Leichhardt Oval # 3 right on the Bay Run.

Yep, nice and early so you’re home before 7am to get the kids ready for school and off to work.

See you soon


PS- You can find out more and check out our timetable options here for every DPM small group option here



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