Obviously vaccine is the buzz word of 2020 and I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole of a COVID vaccine, more so talk about another type of vaccine.

One even the great unwashed mob of hippies in Northern NSW might even approve of.

I’m talking about something that we both know and do all the time, I’m just going to frame it in a different light.

Cause when you think about it, exercise is a pretty good vaccine to a lot of the problems that life throws at you.

Just think about it from a mental health standpoint.

You feel better when you exercise and are on top of your game – or attempting to be on top fitness wise.

You get the endorphins from the exercise and that alone is a big vaccine when you think about it.

Then look at it from a longevity viewpoint.

Of course exercise is a vaccine from that angle.

It leads you to a longer life with all other things being equal.

Then you focus on what the right type of food plan is going to do for you = that’s a vaccine in itself.

Now finally, take it from the viewpoint of a global pandemic.

Like I mentioned months ago, the fitter and healthier you are, the more likelihood you have to come out on top if you happen to get a dose of the old rona.

As you can see, everything that we’re doing day in and day out is going to be contributing to a vaccine of sorts towards your own personal longevity.

Sure, some days will be up and you’ll be flying.

Other days you’ll drop the ball.

That’s the way it goes and you should expect that.

Just build those days in and overall, so long as you’re in front for the most part, then your little health vaccine will be getting a nice little top up each week.


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