One for all the X-Files fans today.

Remember that show?

Used to be a good one back in the day.

And like Fox Mulder used to always say to Scully – the truth is out there.

Sometimes you just have to look hard to find it, while ignoring all the BS that gets in the way on your way to finding it.

You know what that X Files line reminds me of?

How there’s always some research out there that can prove pretty much whatever point you want to make.

Sure, I share with you some research here from time to time, but it’s usually always from a widely regarded publication.

Other times, it’s for a bit of light hearted entertainment.

Like when I find something to justify my red wine consumption…

All of this research cherry picking just goes to prove a point which I’ve always held for a long time 

– that you can prove anything you want via research providing you manipulate enough criteria to get the outcome you’re looking for.

But if you look deep enough, the truth is usually out there.

Bit harsh or spot on?

This line I saw in an article I found last week on the Precision Nutrition website (a well known, and respected, brand within the fitness industry) sums it all up perfectly.

Instead of picking just one study, you have to look at all studies on that topic to see where the overall weight of the evidence lies.

An important thing to remember, I’m sure you can agree.

All of which brings me to that competition I mentioned yesterday.

I’m looking for Sydney’s worst dieting story.

I want to hear your biggest dieting failure. What happened and what you ended up learning from it.

Simple as that.

We’ve all got one.

Maybe you bought into some cherry picking research once?

Maybe a friend convinced you to give something a go?

So go on, don’t be shy.

Tell me yours below:

Fill out my online form.

I’ll share mine later in the week just to help you feel at ease with sharing yours.