Kinda like an episode of Survivor,

except no one’s getting kicked off the Island.

It seems when I asked for feedback on the DPM action last week there was a resounding school of thought.

And it’s not a new idea to be honest.

I’ve heard it before.

But the resounding feedback was they enjoyed coming along (even at 5:40am in the morning!),

cause we don’t do burpees (among other things).

Fair enough.

To be honest we haven’t done them for a while.

Some groups I can’t even remember if we’ve done them in the last few years.

But if people have such a hate against them,

and if it’s an attraction to actually get you out of bed in the morning and along to join in cause you won’t have to do them,

then I’d be stupid not to listen to them right?

So take it as gospel,

you WON’T see burpees at any DPM session any time soon.

Yep. No Burpees!

That doesn’t mean they’re not a good exercise.

They sure can be.

They can also give people a bit of grief too.

Injury wise, but also more importantly, psychologically.

If you’re going to work yourself up into some lather about worrying about whether we’re going to do them or not at a session,

the temptation to hit the snooze button gets stronger doesn’t it?

And besides, there’s plenty of other exercises that can do exactly the same job – without the mental (or physical) grief.

Cause I’m all about making DPM exactly what other groups aren’t.

It’s not a place where I’ll blow a whistle, or play doof doof music that the kids like these days.

You won’t hear me yell either.

If people want that, they can join the army or crossfit.

And if they don’t like our type of atmosphere, they’d be a terrible fit for what we do at DPM.

Cause I want to make it an environment that isn’t intimidating.

And burpee free so it seems.

So thanks for your feedback.

The tribe has indeed spoken.



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