Did you ever love rollercoasters as a kid?

I did.

The fear in the pit of your stomach as you’re lining up watching everyone else on it.

That only grew worse as you were on the climb.

Then the adrenaline rush as you go down that big slope.

Don’t know if I’d be rushing to go on one now though.

I remember a few years back when Emily was probably 2 or so, she wanted to go on the spinning tea cups at a fair.

I thought how bad could these be.

Needless to say she kept wanting to go faster and after I hopped off I had to go home and lie down for an hour cause my head wouldn’t stop spinning.

I guess all those head knocks and concussions I had playing footy have come back to haunt me.

Anyways, back to the point.

I was thinking the other day that a rollercoaster experience is actually pretty similar to a training experience.

You could take that in a couple of ways.

Take for example the fear before you start something new. Will it work? Will I be embarrassed in front of everyone else? Will I enjoy it or hate it and never go back?

Or on the other side, it could be reflective of your training experience over time.

Some times it feels you’re going uphill slowly making little progress, then you cross the summit and start building up momentum on the downhill going faster and faster – ie noticing more and more results.

You start feeling better. Things seem easier. Your clothes might even fit better. Your confidence is higher.

Plus the endorphin boost you get after your workouts.

Kinda the same as the post roller coaster rush feeling.

So the take home message for today is sometimes you’ll be flying, sometimes you’ll be struggling. The main thing is to stay the course and hang in there through the ups and downs.

Cause it’s worth it in the end.




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