Did you see the story in the SMH last week about the sleep apnoea epidemic and how much it reportedly costing us each year?

I’ve linked it here if you’re interested 

If you missed it, the reported cost of us not getting enough sleep, or having sleep related issues is $26.2 billion (yep with a b) each year.

That was the finding from a government sleep health awareness inquiry at least.

Pretty amazing numbers right?
In fact, they reckon 4 in 10 of us aren’t getting enough sleep each night.

I know I’m one of those on some occasions and that’s just through no fault of the kids.

The night before I wrote this for example, I was wide awake 30 minutes before my alarm.

And that was after going to bed a little later than normal too.

Not ideal at all.

Especially when the report states that just five bad nights sleep can disrupt your hormones and put the body in at risk of diabetes.

Very interesting findings.

Anyways, the reason for this is the inquiry recommended that sleep be recognised as the third pillar of a healthy lifestyle.

The other two pillars? Diet and exercise.

The findings also recommended extra funding for treatment and research into helping sufferers of things like sleep apnoea and insomnia 

What’s your take?

I think it makes a great deal of sense.

Sure, the easiest thing for some people is to just put the phone down or turn off netflix, but for those who actually do have a problem, then the more research going into working out the causes the better.

And here’s another interesting factor for you to be aware of – especially for your kids as they get older and want phone access, without wanting to sound like a scaremonger merchant is this:

If you spend long hours on your phone or watching netflix or whatever when you’re younger, you’re more likely to end up with an insomnia type problem.

Makes sense though doesn’t it?

One thing I do know of that can help you if you have any trouble sleeping, or getting to sleep is of course a regular exercise routine just like they mentioned in the article.

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Just do something. Whatever it is that works for you.


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