One of the cool benefits to a regular exercise routine, 

which you often don’t think about – or even notice, until someone reminds you, 

is being able to do things you previously couldn’t do.

Or maybe it’s being able to do something that used to leave you puffed but you can do it now without even thinking.

The subtle change.

I was just having this conversation last week.

Where something as seemingly as innocent as running around kicking a ball with your kids is now an easy thing to do.

Where before you’d just stand there and kick the ball to them.

That is a pretty cool thing to hear.

Something as seemingly small for you and me to be able to do all of a sudden would be a massive thing for your relationship with your kids.

One of the things I’ve gotten out of doing my Small Business Dads podcast is the amount of dads who have said even just 5 minutes of undivided attention with your kids spending time with them pays off big time.

And if your kid is the type that loves being outside with a ball, then it’s an easy way to spend time with them.

Even easier if you’re able to do it without needing to have a lay down afterwards.

So while some people might start a routine just to start feeling better themselves, or maybe fit back into old clothes or whatever your reason, 
the subtle change that it allows you to do with your kids is arguably worth more than all of those added up.

Especially if it keeps you alive for longer cause you’re healthier by default.

If you know someone who could do with this type of benefit from a regular routine, I’d appreciate you passing this link onto them.

I’ll then drop them a line and invite them along, or organise a time to chat about what they’re looking to get out of any potential training.


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