Came across a pretty cool video last week that I thought you might be interested in.

In fact it pretty much sums up exactly where you might be right now.

Especially if you feel like you’re stuck and have given up hope that things will ever change.

You see this turtle got himself, or herself for that matter, into a bit of a pickle.

Got stuck on this plank of wood.

Not sure how it got there in the first place.

But rather than just stay there and waste away to a shadow,

the big fella decided that it had to do something.

So bit by bit, slowly but surely,

it was able to wriggle itself free and back along its path to where ever it was going.

Cool story right?

The turtle knew it was in trouble.

But also knew that it had to do something to get out of that situation.

So it got to working on wriggling itself free.

Bit by bit.

It got there.

Sure, it didn’t look easy.

It didn’t look pretty.

But it worked.

See the video for yourself here

Same goes for you.

You might be stuck right now.

You have a choice.

Stay stuck on that plank of wood.

Or start by slowly wriggling yourself free.

It starts with taking the first step and committing to change.

I can help you get there.

Step by step and give you the nudge and the tools to get you off that ‘plank’ or whatever it is you may be stuck on right now.


PS – if you’re ready to step things up and get back into the right exercise and food plan to get you back on track and into your skinny jeans by the time Spring really kicks into gear hit reply and we can work out what might work for you


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