Was hit for six at the start of the week.

Don’t know what it was but I started feeling ordinary on Sunday night.

And woke up Monday feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.

Sick as a dog.

Luckily Bron could have a sickie to look after Emily

(it was supposed to be Emily-Daddy day) cause I was in no shape .

Apart from the obvious I was also struggling with a headache that just wouldn’t go.

Yeah dehydration and lack of food.

I get that.

But the panadol wasn’t an option cause I was bringing it back up to be blunt.

But there was something more.

Then Tuesday arvo on Day 2 despite being able to eat real food again it hit me what it was.

No coffee.

That damn caffeine addiction. 

It hurts. 

Head pounding all day. 

Needing a fix.

So after being able to keep food in all day I thought I’d have an ice long black and coconut water

(try it for yourself if you haven’t it’s a winner – especially when it’s 40 degrees outside and too hot for a regular coffee!)

Sure enough, it eased most of the headache.

This is someone who only has 1 or 2 max a day.

I was still craving it like a junkie who needs a hit in the Cross.

And it reminds me of the struggle someone faces when they commit to change. 

It can hurt.

It can be tough.

But it can be done.

It’s tough for the first few days.

Getting into a new routine.

Getting up early.

Getting the body moving again.

Especially if it hasn’t done much in a while.

But they get a ‘fix’.

– You start to feel like it’s falling into place.

– You notice your skin is looking better than it’s looked in years

– You notice that your pants don’t seem as tight anymore (is that even possible after only a week or so? -YES it is!)

– Your partner comments that they can even see the difference already (cause of course we’re our own harshest critics and tend to be the most critical)

It seems more doable all of a sudden.

Just like that first coffee I had when it hits your veins you feel better 

Getting up earlier becomes easier.

Sticking to the plan becomes easier as it becomes the new normal.

It all seems more doable.

Interested in that feeling?

I’ve got a 30 minute time personal training slot that has become available 

* WHEN: Wednesday and Fridays

* TIME: 7:15-7:45am

* WHERE: Either CBD or Inner West (as in Glebe/Lilyfield type of area) 

* INVESTMENT: Hit reply if you’re serious

Location or time doesn’t suit?

Let me know where you’re at and I’ll see what else may be able to work for you.

Just hit reply and we can get a conversation started.



PS – as you can probably tell from my now obvious caffeine addiction, you don’t have to give up coffee as part of your DPM healthy eating plan! Good news right…


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