Picture this scenario.

You walk to the wardrobe, grab your favourite pair of pants and slide your legs through them.

You have to wriggle around a bit but you slide them over your thighs and go to pull them over your butt.

Then nothing.

The damn things don’t go any further.

Does that sound familiar?

I know I’ve been there in the past.

Had to swallow the pride and buy a bigger size.

Or maybe this scenario might be more on the money?

After another ordinary day at work, 

with a boss that over demands and shows little appreciation, 

you come home and the kids are tired after a day at school so the tantrums flow – life just seems a punish.

Dinner comes around and you go the easy option of putting together whatever’s in the fridge washed down with a bottle of wine.

Cause “it’s been one of those days”

Once again, I’ve been there too.

But here’s the thing:

Nothing will change if you don’t. 

Hopefully that isn’t you.

But if I have rattled your cage, and you find yourself in either of those current situations, 

that just means I’m on the money.

And to save your sanity, we need to get on top of it before the situation gets worse and the hole gets harder to dig yourself out of.

So what should you do?

We should start working together.

Or increase your frequency of action.

My diary has opened up a little now with a few changes and school starting,

so I have the following days/times available for us to do some one-on-one personal training together.

– Tuesday 11am or 12pm

– Thursday 11am or 12pm

– Friday 11:30 or 12pm

Or maybe you have a friend who may be interested who might want to join you? I’d appreciate you forwarding this onto them if this is the case.

Sure, you can pass this up and go back to barely getting by or whatever you’re doing now.

But is that what you really want?

Why keep struggling?

Why keep banging your head against a wall?

Especially when you can have the keys to a guaranteed solution like this. 

How is it guaranteed?

Well, if at any time in the first 12 months of our time together, in the unlikely chance that you’re not completely satisfied with the results you’ve experienced, I’ll refund every cent plus train you for free until you’re satisfied.

All you have to do is follow the game plan as it’s laid out.

A lot of the times I only do a short one-on-one stint with a client to get them back on track.

Work with them for a couple of months and then give them another option.

Maybe this approach is for you?

As per any DPM training solution, there’s no lock in contracts unlike any gym out there.

So what’s the next step?

Hit reply and tell me you’re interested.

If you need more info check the link here.

And if that doesn’t suit, hit reply anyways and we can work on something that will better suit your needs – whether that’s via groups, online or even my book.


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