We both know that sitting for too long isn’t ideal.

All I have to do is sit in the car for half an hour to feel like I’m an old man when I stand up again.

I’m sure you have a similar story too.

In fact, there’s plenty of research that says that prolonged sitting can lead to an increased health risk, especially for cardiovascular disease – mainly because it’s a result of low muscle activity and metabolism.

That makes sense to me.

Now a study out of USC that was reported last week has found that what our ancestors did going back to the days before we had chairs might be the answer to helping people become more active.

I’m talking about kneeling and squatting as a resting posture.

Interestingly if you remember back to when your kids were of the age when they were first learning how to walk and not long after, do you remember how they used to just hold a squat? (in perfect form mind you)

So it’s inbuilt in us somehow but we soon lose it.

Now obviously it isn’t possible to just assume a squat hold or a wallsit while you’re working away.

But the article recommends us adding in some more time in postures that require at least some type of low level muscle activity.

So maybe kneeling?

Would that be doable moving forward?

It’s an interesting take and something I’d thought I’d let you stew on to start your week.



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