Got a question  for you today.

What was the main reason you initially joined DPM however long ago that may be?

Was it to workout with your friends?

Was it to finally have some you-time and have at least one part of your day where the focus was on you instead of someone screaming out your name a hundred times?

Maybe you set yourself an event that you wanted to work towards?
or maybe you just wanted to feel better about yourself and benefit from the positive hormones that exercise produces?

For some, it’s wanting to lose some stubborn kilos.

Whatever it was, and sometimes it’s hard to nail it down to just one thing, chances are you’re not the only one who has that answer.

There is one big reason though that I’ve come to realise over the last 13.5 years of DPM is the overwhelming winner:


They have someone to keep them to what they said they would do.

Maybe it was for a number of workouts each week.

Maybe it was working towards that target or event.

Maybe it’s just having a time and place to be somewhere where you just have to turn up and not think about what you have to do as I’ve taken all the guess work out.

So with that in mind, I’m going to keep you accountable right now with this extra question.

Are you doing what you said you would do?

If you’re not, where can we get better on that?

I inlcude we cause I put it out there for me too. What can I do better to help you get there?

Next week I’m going to be sending out a survey form that will help me make things better for you.

But if there’s anything that can’t wait, let me know.


PS – if you know someone who can benefit from this type of accountability please let them know and invite them to come along to check us out. 

You’ll also both benefit from the $200 free dinner offer when they’ve been training for 6 months too


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