There’s always so much BS and hype in the fitness industry.

And it’s not a new phenomenon, it’s been around for as long as I’ve been around – which is funnily enough 20 years this month.

My first fitness job was back in a hotel gym and even then there was plenty of rubbish around.

Now it’s even worse with the internet being a lot more accessible then it was back in those days of dial up slow internet and anyone with an opinion can put something up and it gets taken as gospel 

(take in point all the anti vaxers and covid conspiracy theorists that have their eyes opened by one youtube video)

So today I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you the real truth about fitness and getting results and hold back all the hype.

To be honest, in the past at some stage or another I probably participated in some of that hype too.

But the beauty of age is I can admit that I was wrong at times and realise that in hindsight it wasn’t my best move.

It is what it is though.

Now here’s the deal when it comes to fitness.

Everything works.

To a degree.

Same goes for food plans and the like.

It all works to a degree.

Whether it’s sustainable over the long term or not is another thing.

Yes some things are better than others depending on your goal.

The main thing though is you actually have to do something.

If you’re not happy with where things are now there’s only one person who can change that – you.

I can help guide you and point you in the right direction with the 20 years of experience as a background.

And if I’m still around in another 20 years things may well be different by then too.

The other point is you have to pick something that you actually enjoy.
Something that is doable.

Otherwise even the best laid game plans are useless if they are unrealistic for you.

So try a few things.

Find what works.

And as for short cuts, yes I can help you with those by giving you the most sustainable and the best things that can work for you – but you still have to do the work and turn up.

Just as I do with my own fitness and food habits.


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