Why did you originally start with your current exercise routine?

Was it a dress you wanted to fit into again?

Was it that you wanted more energy?

Maybe you felt sick and tired of feeling, well, sick and tired?

Maybe you wanted to rehab an old injury?

Whatever it was, there was a deeper psychology behind the reason that you may not have thought of initially.

When it comes down to the real reason for starting an exercise routine,

whether that be for the first time ever,

or resuming after a break for whatever reason – there is simply one of two reasons:

1) To move yourself closer to pleasure


2) To move yourself away from pain

And just like the old song goes “there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”. 

Removing yourself away from the pain might be one of those things mentioned earlier, like you felt sick and tired or having no energy or helping get over a back injury for example.

Or it might be removing yourself away from that feeling of being out of breath whenever you have to run for the bus.

And on the other end of the scale, the moving yourself closer to pleasure might be getting started so you can fit back into those old favourite pair of jeans that you haven’t been able to wear since before you got pregnant.

It may be the feeling of enjoyment you get from chasing the kids around the park instead of just sitting and watching them play.

What’s yours?

I remember back in the day for me it was removing myself away from the pain of my belly getting bigger and a vivid memory from that time was I remember sitting down with no shirt on and just thinking “that didn’t use to be there” when my gut was just hanging there and not being very happy with myself.

I might have used some harsher words than that to be honest…

That was after I put on 10kg in 3 months after my first trip working in the States.

The joys of living away from home for the first time and having free access to ice creams and treats everyday.

As well as the good ole Southern cooking.

Not to mention all the beers, burgers and pizzas.

There was only going to be one outcome – and that was despite me doing weights a couple of days a week.

Imagine if I didn’t do anything!

Just thought I’d share with you the deeper reason behind why you started doing what you’re doing now.

And a bit of insight into my past just so you don’t think “It’s easy for him, he’d never put on weight”.

In fact I put on weight very easily.

Especially the older I get.

Maybe just like you.

I just have to work at it to keep it becoming a problem.

If you need the same help, or know someone who might, I’m happy to keep you (or them) accountable.


PS – Thanks for spreading the word about my Observatory Hill or Lilyfield early morning sessions if you know someone who can benefit from those, or my 1-on-1 personal training availability