There’s an old yarn that I’ve heard that tells the story of someone who has a really bad toothache and they ask a dentist how much it costs to pull the tooth out.

The dentist says “$500 and it’ll only take a minute and all the pain will be gone”.

The person goes “wow, that’s a lot of money for only a minute”.

The dentist then replies “well, it can take longer if you’d prefer”.

Anyways, the point I want to make today is that sometimes you pay for a solution to be quicker.

And you also pay for experience.

Now referring to that story, if a dentist is charging you $500, there may be some bloke who’ll just charge you $50 to do it the old fashioned way like we used to get threatened with as kids when you had a tooth loose – remember – the old tie your tooth around a piece of string, and the string around the door handle and slam the door shut trick?

I’m taking it that you’re still going to go with the extra cost of the dentist who studied for years to be able to take that tooth out in only a minute in the safest and quickest way.

So you’re buying experience and confidence that they know the best way to get it done.

It reminds me of the person who’ll say that they’d rather train in one of those 24 hour type gyms because it’s cheaper than joining DPM.

Yes, those places are definitely cheaper. I definitely won’t dispute that.

But what you don’t get at those places is the accountability of me checking in on you to make sure you’re doing what you said you would do.

When was the last time your gym sent you a text or an email cause they hadn’t seen you for a few sessions that you’d normally attend?

Most of them wouldn’t even know your name despite how much the sales person flirted with you to get you to  join initially.

You’re also buying the knowledge that you never have to worry about what you have to do for your workout on that particular day.

You just have to turn up.

The program and planning has been taken care of – to maximise your result and benefit.

And not to mention the connection from training with a group of like-minded people just like you. 

That alone is especially important in this day and age where human interaction is less and less (especially if you live by yourself).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing myself to a dentist, but like that dentist, I have studied my craft for a long time.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

I know the quickest way to get you a result without you having to compromise your life and have to live like a nun to get that result.

And yes, that investment is a little more than you’d get by going the cheapest option.

But I’d have you consider that making the smart decision to invest a little more can shortcut your journey – why take the long way home that’s wall to wall red lights and detours just because you didn’t want to pay the toll?

Hopefully this different look at things today helps reinforce why you do what you do with DPM – and why if your situation doesn’t currently allow you to train at DPM to consider what I’ve been mentioning the last couple of days.

I’m tossing up the idea of a monthly workout follow along at home video available via an app. So all you have to do is push play and follow along to get your workout done. 

​​​​​​​It then keeps track of how many workouts you do each week so we both know if you’re on track.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll add it to the DPM training options moving forward. 

And it also adds as another incentive if you missed a workout or two cause we’ll both know whether you’ve done it or not.

But it can only get the go ahead if people like you give it the thumbs up.

Like I mentioned on Monday, it’d be free for current personal training and unlimited group training clients (via opt-in) and a small investment for those on the once or twice a week plan (like $10/mth).

For those not currently with DPM, that investment would be approx $20/mth.

Let me know if you’d be interested and I can gauge the numbers and see whether it’s worthwhile.

Just remember the dentist story if you’re doubting whether it’d be of any use to you or not.

It’s basically the shortcut to keep you on track.



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