With lockdown ending for most on Monday, I thought it was a good time to do a bit of a look back on the last few months.

To steal a line from an Oasis song, don’t look back in anger either.

Cause today I want to know what your wins were over this last few months?

I don’t care about what you haven’t done, or what you didn’t do.

But what are your wins?

That’s what I want to focus on today.

Is it as simple as turning up for most of your workouts each week that you had planned?

Maybe you’re walking more with the extra time you’ve saved in commuting?

Maybe it’s more time with the kids? (when they weren’t driving you to the drink!)

It’s been a trying winter, and now there’s some light at the end of tunnel, let’s focus on something that you have done?

You don’t have to write back and tell me, go for it if you want, but I want to encourage you to focus on something you can take out of this period that we’ll hopefully never have to live through again.

My time definitely wasn’t perfect.

But there was a couple of wins I can look back on and that definitely helped me keep some motivation going on.

I’m sure you can too.

Looking forward to seeing the DPMers in person again soon.



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