Would you be interested in a test that could predict what type of food you should be eating?

The only catch is you have to pee into a cup.

So what do you think?

Yay or nay?

A recent (as in published last week) report from a joint study from a bunch of universities in the UK and the US seems to think this is the way of the future.

And they seem to think there’s plenty of problems with the usual way of tracking food that we use now – which is an idea that has a lot of merit.

“Diet is a key contributor to human health and disease, though it is notoriously difficult to measure accurately because it relies on an individual’s ability to recall what and how much they ate. 

For instance, asking people to track their diets through apps or diaries can often lead to inaccurate reports about what they really eat. 

“This research reveals this technology can help provide in-depth information on the quality of a person’s diet, and whether it is the right type of diet for their individual biological make-up.”

I’ll be interested to see whether this thought takes off.

It makes sense when you think about it.

If we can get a more accurate review of what people should and shouldn’t be eating to maximise whatever they want to achieve then why not?

Cause if it can help someone who hasn’t been able to lose weight due to an undiagnosed problem with certain foods, or help maximise an athletes performance, or even the training output of regular people like you and I then it surely has some legs.

What do you think?

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