Happened to come across a very thought provoking article yesterday while I was on LinkedIn.

“The Next Tobacco”

One of my connections had liked the article so it came on my feed and got my curiosity.

Now, it wasn’t a media story, more so an article that someone had posted with their experiences and backed by some sources.

And the next tobacco is social media.

Very interesting point I thought.

Not how we would normally view it right?

But I think he has a point.

This was more aimed at a branding perspective, and how he wonders whether social media will be appealing to brands in the future, just like you don’t see advertising on a pack of smokes now.

However, I see it from a wider perspective.

Especially with the damage it can do to kids.

Think about how there isn’t much regulation about what can and can’t be posted on there.

How facebook can take some stuff down and not other stuff that really is offensive.

How they can be slow to act on behaviour which can either be criminal or bordering on.

How they can sometimes refuse to co-operate with law enforcement when it comes to particular cases.

It’s a mine field that I’m sure you have no doubt experienced with your kids if they’re older.

Luckily for me, my girls are too young to know about all the options out there,

but I know the day will come.

Probably sooner than I expect.

But I definitely understand how poisonous it can be.

There’s always some keyboard warrior wanna be who wants to have a go at you and your opinion.

I’ve had my share of heroes on Twitter and even some on Facebook (no where near as much).

But I can say with certainty, it’s always the anonymous ones that operate under an account that isn’t their name.

I’m obviously old enough for that stuff to wash off my back and laugh about it, especially when they don’t even have the spine to use a real name and profile photo.

But our kids can’t exactly put that together yet.

What do you think?

Is there some truth to this?

Do you think that social media will become like tobacco and be a no-no for people (not just brands) to stay away from in the future?

Or is to too powerful and too addictive that we all get sucked in regardless?

Now, don’t get me wrong, social media isn’t all bad news.

And I’ll show you a good example tomorrow that is kinda cool.

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