So yesterday there was feedback on both ends from me having a go at Pokemon Go.

The with me camp were – yeah this stuff is for muppets.

(Not an exact quote but close to the point)

The against me camp were – mr grumpy should be supporting people getting outside and moving regardless.

(once again not an exact quote but you get the point again)

I also realise the older I get the more I’m becoming a grumpier old man so that’s probably not too far off.

I mean what is with kids and their music these days?

Back in my day we had music that actually had lyrics made up of verses and chorus (plus the obligatory guitar solo) 

– not just repeating the same words all song.

Tongue in cheek of course.

Sort of…

But really, this new trend is one that is pretty cool actually.

The article that I came across this morning was about ‘healthies’ being the new selfies.

By this it means celebs and the like posting their workouts online.

It works cause just last night Bron told me she did a workout that someone she follows posted.

And no, I don’t make her always follow my stuff!

A bit of variety is good for everyone 

You’ve probably even tried one you saw online yourself?

So if it’s going to get people doing something similar themselves then why not.

Maybe I should post some more online too.

But if you’d prefer the in person experience – cause you need someone to take the confusion out of it all,

or you just need someone to be accountable to = to ensure you actually do what you said you would do,

come and join the DPM Small Group Personal Training experience.

There’s others just like you wanting the same benefit as you.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill and you get the sessions in before you start your busy day.

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.

And stay tuned cause I just might have to post some more ‘healthies’ again soon.



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