With just over 2.5 weeks out to Christmas, it’s safe to say that your social calendar has expanded.

And we’re lucky to be able to say that, considering other parts of the world.

So we’ll take anything as a win.

Which means a couple of things.

You’re sometimes doing stuff you normally wouldn’t do – all under the guise of it’s Christmas and it’s been a long year.

Fair points.

I can’t argue either.

So here’s the deal – don’t you think it’s time for some new ‘rules’ for summer?

Well for the next month at least.

I’ve mentioned in recent weeks how there’s still people pushing the ‘you can’t drink and get results line’.

You obviously won’t see that here.

Cause I’d be a bit of a hypocrite for one. 

And two, I’d pretty much lose anyone who doesn’t want to live off rabbit food and tuna and drink nothing but water and kombucha.

Neither are ideal.

So here’s what I’m suggesting we run with from now at this time of year:

1. It’s perfectly okay if you like a drink and happen to indulge a little more than you normally would.

2. It’s perfectly okay to stray from your usual food intake a little more than you normally would as well.

3. It’s perfectly okay if that just doesn’t get limited to weekends.

4. It’s perfectly okay to combine all that and still get in your workouts.

That’s the key.

It can’t be all take take. 

It has to be give-take.

Give a little leeway on the extra indulgences and take a little bit back by putting in the workouts as well.

That will save you from a massive blowout health wise.

The other thing that you can do is actually up your fitness output at this time of year if you’re really having a good crack on the social side of things.

It doesn’t have to be a structured workout as such, but even adding in more walks or something else that you enjoy doing – it all adds up.

And if you can accept that, then you’re saving yourself a lot of head damage trying to be everything to everyone and coming up short.

Make sense?



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